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Just the musings of a buy-side analyst.

Every Month (hopefully), I will post a deep dive into a company that I find interesting - could be spin-offs, long-only, shorts. What they’ll have in common is a asymmetric risk reward profile.

What sectors will cover?

I act as a generalist so have the luxury of looking at various sectors. With that being said, I will typically focus on any sector ex. Biotech (not a medical genius!), Energy and Real Estate. All companies that I will analyse will be on major stock exchanges however they will not be constrained geographically.

Why are you doing this in the first place?

I typically use this platform as a way of air out my thoughts. I benefit from a) being able to being able to more accurately articulate my opinions and b) I enjoy thinking about companies. Readers benefit from a receiving a fresh (and hopefully non-linear) perspective on a company.

Will this be always be free?

Yes - I have no future or immediate plans of ever monetising this platform. This is purely a passion project and I hope it continues that way. Subscribe to get full access to the newsletter and website. Never miss an update.

Disclaimer: My articles are not buy or sell recommendations. Please do your own analysis before making any decisions.

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